Do you want your art to be seen by more people?

You know it's down to you, but -eek!- it feels hard to show up and show off!

Oh yeah! I'd luuurve some help to make this fun...

Time to Shine is currently closed as we do a live run-through!

Add your name and I'll let you know when its ready for you on a take-anytime basis

People rarely buy art the first time they see you - your future collectors need to hear from YOU and get to know you. 

We love to be in our studio happy place but stepping into the light can be happy and creative too! We can help with that, however scary it feels right now.

Time to Shine is a bite-size, guided challenge to help you find your way to show up and be seen.

It's fun (I promise!) AND it gets results for the artists who have followed it....!

The course is now closed while we run this live .The response was amazing and I want to be sure it delivers for those who jumped in. 

The end of October it will be open again on a take-any time basis so do add your name above and I'll let you know.


Alice Sheridan x



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