Making art can be deeply personal but we also need to show it off if we want our work to be seen, desired and collected. 

Many artists find the idea of self-promotion hard - if that's you, you're certainly not alone! It can feel exposing, pushy, or just damn confusing...


It's time to step up and get your posts working so that you can be seen!

"I pour my time and energy into making beautiful art but something about ‘showing it off’ feels a bit icky. I’d rather stay within the happy space of my studio and hope to be discovered."

NEWSFLASH: no one else is coming to do this for you!

"The thought of having to take selfies, or dance for Reels make my stomach churn. Is this really what we have to do these days?"

"If I’m honest it even makes me a bit angry that social media seems to be stealing my life. When I wanted to be an artist I didn’t sign up for this!"

"I’m pretty confident about social media, but I feel like I’ve lost my way a bit. I’d like a clearer direction before my head explodes!"

Understanding how you approach "showing up and sharing" can be the ONE thing which makes a huge difference for getting your art seen in the world.

But we needed to make changes which actually make a difference. 

'Time to Shine' helps you face what's holding you back (hint: it’s not what button to press next) AND re-invigorates your relationship with social media. Practical lessons to change how you feel - so you can enjoy with new confidence.

Get ready to dive in!


Change what's holding you back and grow your confidence through daily practical exercises
Identify your personal boundaries and how you can share comfortably - yes, even as an introvert!
Understand how you can lean into your personality and show up as yourself without fear of getting it wrong or looking an idiot
Have a safe place to practice what you are learning so you actually take action and feel how it can be easy

Within two weeks you will...

  • have a new plan to invigorate your social posts
  • uplevel your writing using a pro-framework to give your posts more impact (use this in social posts, emails, website...)
  • know how to tame the mind-monkeys and find a relaxed and personal way forward
  • understand why we respond to certain posts - and how you can use that to boost your engagement
  • take the fear out of video and get practicing 
  • use my EASY framework and post ideas so you're never stuck for what to share

enjoy the changes this could bring you...

"The confidence I’ve gained from this course is simply life changing. Really surprised how excited I got making these posts, learning the new tech, writing them, and sharing them. I felt a real sense of accomplishment."

Valerie Brown

"..forever changed my perception of being visible online.

I better understand my own motivations, identified what I like and established my rules, so I feel more comfortable with my boundaries. This has boosted my confidence and I am certain this will go beyond the virtual world and impact how I present myself in person, too, which is so exciting!"

Kate Rose Johnson

"This course was outstanding. It was packed with content that was delivered in a thoughtful way so as not to be overwhelming. There was a perfect balance of introspection/reflection and “nuts and bolts” type information which will allow for more lasting change and growth over time. I am so very glad I joined!"

Kathy Lieb

Join today



  • take at your own pace - whenever you like
  • 14 days of daily bite-size lessons in a course Hub
  • emails to keep you on track!
  • practical worksheets to embed new learning
  • continued access to a supportive Facebook group so you can strengthen those "show up muscles" 
  • inspiration and ideas to stop you feeling stuck


This short course delivers lasting results, and I've also added these extras...

  • Photography tips to help your images stand out

  • My tech kit suggestions

  • Tutorial in short video edits for easy social shares

  • Access to any new BONUS content and future live calls
  • NEW Reels ideas and lessons just added

How it works...  

If tutorials on YouTube were the solution you wouldn't need this. Come and shift your approach for good and get a plan which works long term.


Once you sign up you'll be sent your access to the course Hub (lifetime access)


Join the community and find fellow artists and share your learning 


Follow the 2 week plan at your own pace so you can refresh anytime you like 

More engagement! 
Get replies not dustballs when you post. And that means you reach a wider audience.
More time!
With a well of new ideas you can post quicker to help you show up more easily.
More fun!
When this becomes an inevitable part of your creative practice it's just more enjoyable.


"Before, I was very tentative and my posts were boring... I wanted some inspiration and during Time to Shine I got my highest number of likes and comments ever

Marcela G

“I used to feel like I didn't know enough to share or people would think 'who is she?' I couldn’t show up live or on video because I was too nervous. Time to Shine helped me to reframe those beliefs and made it easy for me. In fact now I look forward to when I can share next!"

Liz Ross

“I felt stuck especially with video, but the tips made me more confident. Now my writing has improved, engagement is up as is my audience growth.”

Karina Jane Buckingham

"I did the challenge when you first ran it and loved it!

I felt stuck and kept wondering why people would want to listen to me. The challenge helped me realise that my way of looking at the world was unique in itself and made me realize how I was comfortable sharing.

Helped build my audience to 4500 followers and I sold 10 out of the 12 pieces I made for my last collection. I am working on 5 commissions this year

I still don't do video or audio and it's ok!
PS - I even saw the green van :-)"

This ISN'T about a cookie-cutter template, but IS about finding a way which suits you.
Am I going to push you a little? 
Yep - that’s what you’re here for!
But it will be butterflies-of-excitement-I-did-it-challenging, not hide-under-a-rock-I-hate-this challenging!


OK - I'm ready...

Who am I?

Hi, I'm Alice Sheridan. I'm an artist, just like you, not a marketing guru. But I've found the key to "marketing" with more ease happens when you find a way which feels true and honest. 

What's worked for me will not be the same for you. Finding a way which feels joyful means you will stop stressing and relax into your path as an artist. 

If you told me I'd host a podcast with over 2 million downloads I never would have believed you - but it started with short livestreams.. we never know where things will lead until we start!

I'd love you to find the same sense of creative experimentation... come and get a kickstart of fresh energy!