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The live course was such a hit so we've created a 5 day replay pack so you review them any time you need a pick-me-up...! 

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Guided exercises and discussion, to renew your creative energy and leave you ready to embrace the summer and your next stage of artistic growth.


Keep the full recordings from the live sessions all collected for you in a new lesson Hub. Watch again anytime you need a boost. 'Create'  worksheets and the 'Edit' magic tool. 

Save this now, and there may even be a seasonal bonus added when next term starts ;-) 

Review what guides you back to your creative core

Recognise your energy patterns so you know which ideas to progress
(and what you can drop!)

Gain inspiration for a creatively joyful and relaxed summer

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Hi, I'm Alice Sheridan. I'm a professional artist working from my studio in West London. I'm the co-host of the Art Juice podcast and help hundreds of artists define and grow a sustainable creative practice within The Connected Artist membership. I hope you can join us!