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We're upgrading the membership experience! (WATCH TO SEE MORE)

This is your chance to join at the current price and settle into your best artist year.


“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new”.

OK, not me, but Socrates..This has been a stretchy change but I'm excited about how this will support you better in your creative work this year. Are you ready to join us?


You're already making art but know you’re ready for your next level...

Ongoing support alongside a treasure trove of resources to help you develop you art practice and build a better business. 

Step into a membership for artists who are ready for their bold and best creative future.

Amongst other wins, in the last 12 months, our members have celebrated:

🤩 Setting up an independent gallery

🥳 Selling art for bigger amounts than they ever thought possible

⭐️ Ditching employment for full time careers creating and selling their artwork


Not to mention the countless exhibitions, first 'sales to strangers' and boosted confidence that ripples through the whole community…


It’s safe to say, Connected Artist is THE transformational place to be for anyone wanting to explode their success and creativity.

Fed up of doing it on your own? Be part of an artist community that's creating exciting change....

Instead of figuring it out alone, how would it feel to be supported?

✔️ grow your art practice consistently by developing your personal direction

✔️ finally get organised with easy systems so you can spend your time wisely (and get more in the studio)

✔️ have a plan to help make sales more naturally - without taking a bunch of confusing marketing courses

 ✔️ be part of an amazing community of other artists with experiences to share

I know I want this!


Join here

Immediate access to over £3,600 worth of content as soon as you join

It's not just making better art, or how to sell, or changing the way you view what's possible.
It's ALL of it...

Nurture your soulful self 

YOU are at the core of this more than in any other business, and it needs to feel right. 

This isn't like a regular business course. We take a holistic and longer-term view to ensure lasting confidence so that you can tackle anything. 

Yes! even that dreaded tech thing you've been putting off


Develop a strong studio habit 

Because actually making your work the best it can be, is essential.

Track your studio progress so you can continue to grow as an artist with shared studio experiences from other artists.

While this isn't a how-to-make-art (because all the artists inside are different) we all improve together.


Make the sales you want 

With the structure you need to build your business better

Learn how to use social media naturally to grow your audience, build a proud website that works and set intentions so you finally feel organised. 

Don't waste time thinking about what next - start doing what makes a difference.

The Connected Artist Club gives you all this!

A full Membership site

Essential lessons packed with practical and insightful guidance to develop the business side of being an artist, from websites to commissions. Access it ALL immediately in your bespoke membership learning Hub. 

Weekly Live Calls

Four live calls each month, these vary from guest experts, review sessions, member workshops or get-it-done co-working together. Catch up when you like and get access to the full library of recordings.

Studio Inspiration

Conversations to progress your art with Work Review discussions and in-depth insights from other artists in the Spotlights. 

Become your own studio master with our unique Review process and Creative Direction framework.

Artist Community

Migrating to Mighty Networks in February 2024 for a more flexible and focused member experience. Our current Facebook group is a hive of shared ideas, join now and you'll keep archived access!

Resources & Systems

Stop searching the internet and download our practical guides. From pricing charts to profit calculators, commission outlines and social trackers. Get organised and feel in control.

Shop Success

Boost your e-commerce with our online shop expert and business mentor Jo McCarthy. Jo's approach has been a hit since she joined the team to improve your presence and make that customer journey flow!


Included in your membership:

✔️ Full and immediate access to ALL the Hub content

✔️ The 'Artist Path' system so you know what to do next for best results (and what can wait until later!)

✔️ Weekly Live calls with me and guest experts

✔️ Ready-to-go checklists and systems you can start using today to save you time

✔️ A social group to connect with your new studio buddies

Jump in today and choose where to focus... 

✔️ Guide the direction of your work with the Artist Manifesto and Work Reviews  

✔️ Build reliable connections with your customers by email in Mailing Momentum 

✔️ Boost your website traffic with SEO and Pinterest mini courses 

✔️ Get confident with commissions and submissions  


✔️ Show off your work with better photography and video skills or improve your Artist Branding and Copywriting

✔️ Survive & Thrive: tips in a tough economy

✔️ Start or improve your Website with our in depth lessons including artist website reviews

✔️ Get Set Up for Selling and improve your e-commerce through Shop Success


I was feeling overwhelmed and disorganized with no clear priorities. After looking at the Artist Path all my whirling thoughts were nicely ordered in the different sections. I can't help but feeling grateful for this tool!



Susan felt she had gaps in her knowledge but was fed-up searching for the right kind of help. She's now ditched her job and working just on her art...

"I saw the membership and knew 'this is for me', and it's happened quicker than I anticipated. This can help you to get to the next level. "




Robin knew she wanted to establish herself as a professional artist, and the membership helped her realise one thing which changed everything....                

"beyond my wildest dreams"


this is a great fit for you if...

  • you're making your art but feel confused by what to do to help sell it
  • you already sell your art, and would love to learn more from experienced artists without the jargon
  • you know this is a long term plan and you're ready to make it happen
  • you have a desire to build your creative business (in a way that suits you)


this might not be right if...

  • you want direct tuition on how to actually paint
  • you have no desire to share (or sell) your work
  • you're not ready to roll your sleeves up and get stuck in. 
  • you've only just starting creating art (we're always developing our art but to make the most of this you need some experience)


Sounds great -where can I join?



"I wouldn't be where I am without Connected. It's time to believe in yourself..."

As an established textiles artist Jayne found the membership gave her the confidence and know-how to move  her business forward in great leaps.



Working alongside a busy job Stuart was concerned it may be too soon, but he's discovering a new enjoyment in his art practice and finding  the gentle structure is helping ...

"to think and feel more like an artist"


"brilliant advice and a clear pathway"

The Hub is really informative, lots of brilliant advice and a clear pathway. I originally planned to nip in, take what I needed and leave, there’s so much in there and so much more to the membership that obviously I’ve stuck around!

"the biggest progress is my mindset"

Initially I used the Club to structure improvements to my online presence and business practices using the hub. But now I believe that the biggest progress for me is mindset. Seeing and “being with” others who are doing this has shifted some of my old attitudes and excuses.

"I've uplevelled - it's a weight off my mind"

I can see the value in what I am creating and offering to others, this has helped a lot with sales - I had my largest amount of sales last month! I've also up-levelled my admin and business side which is a weight off of my mind.

Best value £690

Join for a year

       £300 one-time joining fee 
and £390 annual membership
  • Immediate access to the full membership Hub 
  • All lessons unlocked today
  • Live weekly coaching calls
  • Thriving community in a private Facebook group
  • Right-fit 14 day guarantee
  • Relax with a full year access
  • 12 months for the price of 10

Join today for less

Monthly membership

£300 one-time joining fee
and £39 monthly membership
  • Immediate access to the Hub 
  • All lessons unlocked for you today
  • Treat one section like a course or stay for as long as you need
  • Live weekly coaching calls
  • Thriving community in a private Facebook group
  • Right-fit 14 day guarantee
  • Fully flexible membership, cancel whenever you like

Expert guests... at your fingertips

Each month we bring you something new to uplevel your practice through master sessions you can implement or guest experts

  • Jo McCarthy is our regular business mentor with practical sessions to help improve your online Shop Success
  • Guest experts have covered Licensing your Art, Money Mindset and Nervous System Regulation workshops, Artist Branding, SEO, Marketing Without Social Media, Copywriting Masterclass, Legal Knowhow, Studio Decluttering - and more. 
  • EXPERTS ALREADY BOOKED for 2024: Money Flow Workshop, YouTube King, More Sales Please!

      Take a look inside the Hub...

Your 'artist library' of essential resources and guides at your fingertips

"Fantastic resources!

I've done the google searching over the years, but the hub is a clear route with focus and next steps - without all the baffle gab I've found so confoundingly mind bending elsewhere."



Open until 31st January










"Alice has an uncanny ability to know just what we need. The calls always give me ideas I can use. I wouldn't be without this wonderful group"

See what happened when Kirsty followed her passion...

She found not just practical help but courage and community.


"it would have taken me twice or three times as long. Worth every penny"


Welcome to your club!


I'm Alice Sheridan, as a professional artist I've been showing and selling my art for over a decade.  I started at home and  now work from my studio in London. My work sells worldwide, has been licensed and used in high end interior shoots and magazines.


You may know me as the co-host of the #1 Art Juice podcast and I've guided hundreds of artists to create a life and business they love around their art practice.

This membership began 5 years ago and has grown into a very special place... I hope you'll consider joining us.


It was only when I really decided to commit to my art practice that things changed. I didn't want to wake up one day and wonder "what if?"

What about you?



Questions other artists had before deciding to  join...




Rather watch?

Check this live Q&A where I answered the questions you had about joining and give you an inside tour (this is a longer one!)



Join with confidence

I'm confident you will love what you find inside the membership. But if you change your mind just email us within 14 days for a full refund.
Let's do this! Let me in...

"I was worried it may be too busy but it's the personal connections which have surprised me, and I've found real value in the friendships and the community



Let me be part of this!

I'm ready...(nervous excitement..)

What? .... Still considering?

(I always read right to the end too!)

This sums up what the group is: a mix of work and laughter. I hope we will be welcoming you soon. x


NOTE: The personal feel is what members know is special and we are learning together to trust our personal instinct, not follow a set blueprint. If you ready to join the Connected 'family' then go ahead and join above. I can't wait to welcome you to the club!
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